Case Study: Let's Eat


It was Sunday morning and there I was waking up with a hangover after a night out with friends. The only thing on my mind was drinking water and getting food into my system to begin the dreaded recovery. Looking to take the easy way out, I opened the Uber Eats app to get food delivered. After 45 minutes of searching menu after menu, I snapped out of a menu induced daze realizing that I was hangry at myself for letting almost an hour pass with no results. I gave up on Uber Eats and drove to Chipotle immediately. On the way back home from Chipotle, I asked myself, "What just happened? I spent close to an hour looking through menus and Uber lost out on a sale because they could not help me decide on what to eat."  This led me to explore why this happened when are other scenarios in which this happens, and who this happen to. 

User Research

To confirm how others deal with making decisions about what and where to eat, a research plan was created. The goals of the research were to answer the following questions: 

  • What caused me to go into a 45-minute daze of searching through menus?
  • Do other people have this problem and when does it arise?
  • What solutions and tools exist to alleviate or eliminate this problem?

To answer these questions, the methodology consisted of first sending out a survey to recruit participants and conducting secondary research until the results came in. The survey received 16 responses and I conducted 7 in person interviews.